Why Advention?

Since its creation in 2001, Advention has kept the exact same DNA: a result-driven Strategy boutique, with a very dynamic, meritocratic, and entrepreneurial culture. Advention has always sought to maintain an open environment where everyone is encouraged to formulate ideas and participate to problem-solving.

Advention has a generalist positioning and therefore exposes Consultants to a wide range of industries (Consumer goods & retail, Healthcare, Industry & manufacturing, Transportation, TMT, Private Equity, etc.) as well as types of projects (Corporate Strategy, Growth Strategy, Competitiveness improvement, Transaction support, etc.). Typical projects at Advention last a few weeks to a couple of months, allowing Consultants to work on eight to ten cases a year.

Advention also has a truly global staffing model with a single P&L approach, and has always encouraged Consultants to join the Group’s other offices for limited or unlimited time transfers. Our annual off-sites and global staffing also means that everyone is familiar with their international colleagues, making it more enjoyable to work on projects together but also making international rotations easier.