Service Offering

We offer a broad range of strategic consulting services, along our four main product lines: Corporate Strategy & Business Unit Strategy, Growth Strategy, Competitiveness Improvement and Transaction Support.

Through Corporate Strategy & Business Unit Strategy services, we work with our clients to increase shareholder value by identifying new opportunities and implementing optimal corporate strategies. Our expertise in this service line includes:

• Corporate strategies (including portfolio optimisation and restructuring)
• Wealth creation strategies (EVA / MVA / ROCE)
• Strategic options evaluation
• Competence-based strategies
• Value chain improvements
• External growth / M&A strategies
• Business modelling / planning
• Executive training / Corporate seminars
• Change management
• Etc.

Growth Strategy
focuses on enhancing our clients’ revenues. We have developed a strong and proven expertise in market research and are well versed to advise our clients on the following issues:

• Sales & marketing strategies (including market mapping / sizing, market segmentation, market forecasting, competitor analysis, distribution strategy, etc.)
• International development / market entry and diversification strategies
• Pricing / Product value and offer optimisation
• B2B and B2C pricing strategies
• Strategic market reviews
• Growth opportunity assessment (incl. due diligences and target screening)
• Diversification strategies
• Etc.

Competitiveness Improvement
helps our clients reduce their costs by developing sustainable cost optimizing solutions. Tools and strategies frequently considered include:

• Activity and product-line profitability improvements (ABC and PLP analysis)
• Relative Cost Position (RCP) / Competitive benchmarking / Wargaming
• Overhead cost reduction (Zero-based budgeting, functional analysis, etc.)
• Turnaround strategies
• Supply chain improvement and sourcing strategies
• Organisational redesign
• Synergies evaluation
• Etc.

Through our Transaction Support practice, we help our clients assessing business or investment opportunities, through:

• Investment strategy
• M&A strategy development
• Target screening
• Strategic / vendor due diligence
• Financial modelling
• Synergy evaluation
• Risk analysis
• Business & action planning
• Support to negotiation
• Etc.

Advention Business Partners also offers:

• Valuation / financial structuring
• Technology and competitive watch
• IT Strategies
• Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
• Strategic data management
• Country / cluster strategies
• Lobbying
• Purchasing strategies
• Startup support / financial structuring
• Etc.

Our approach

We believe that tailored solutions allow our clients to truly differentiate themselves and build a sustainable competitive advantage, which is why we strongly believe in partnerships with our clients. Thanks to our size and culture, we are able to provide the right resources at the right time and our partners can truly dedicate their time to our clients and be fully committed to their projects.

As we believe that top management and organizations accept change only when convinced by hard and reliable data and that information asymmetry is a key driver of competitive advantage, we put a strong emphasis on performing extensive research for all our projects. Since we can back our recommendations with clear facts and figures, we have the independence and the courage to express our views to our clients.

Our results-oriented mindset reflects our entrepreneurial culture. We align ourselves with our clients’ interests and strive to bring them practical recommendations and tangible business results.